Top 10 Ways To Make Nigeria Hit Song

1.  The Lyrics of your song must not exceed 50 words,where each line must be repeated over and over all through the song.

2.  If your song’s lyrics must exceed 50 words,simply feature a Rapper, any Rapper would do.

3.  Your song’s lyrics must also include catch phrases aggressively urging women to shake their behinds, whine their waist or bend down low.

4.  Ensure you mention the names of your producer,director,fellow artistes, family members and ‘Papa God’ in your song.

5.  Shoot a music video. Your music video MUST show the almighty US Dollar (or its photocopies) being flashed or thrown up in the air.

6.  Clarence A Peters must direct your music video. Even if Clarence did not personally work on your video, just put his name at the end.

7.  If you cannot afford Clarence A Peters’ fees, simply raise some money and travel to South Africa . South Africa has many affordable music video producers PLUS you get the rare privilege of casting CHEAP white,Indian and Mullato female models. It adds an international feel to your music video.

8.  Beg Derenle and one other light skinned girl with gold-dyed low cut hair to do cameos in your music video.

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9.  Bribe any administrator and have them premier your song on their website.
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10.  Once your song comes on air, quickly announce your upcoming UK and US tours . No one will bother asking how many people actually attended ur overseas shows.


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