Three Reasons Why Upcoming Artists would remain upcoming

In Nigeria, there is a large number of persons in the entertainment industry under the label “upcoming artist”.

A state like Niger state, for example can be seen as the state in Nigeria with the highest number of upcoming artists. Very many see the entertainment industry as a source of quick wealth, popularity and fame, which without disputing is true.

Almost every young adult wants to be a musician and only few, very little would make it.
Many upcoming artists would remain upcoming artists till they quit, only a few would make it to the apex of the entertainment industry.

But why? Why would they remain upcoming artists forever? Why won’t they make it? Why won’t they get their lucky break?.

There are just four reasons to answer the questions.

1- No Talent

It is one thing to love music and it is another thing to know how to sing. Many go into the music industry because they love music and want to be known for singing but forgetting and neglecting the importance of been talented. Talent is everything in this world. People do not looking for the “good” they look out for the “best”. As long as you are not talented in your area of specialization then forget about patronage. No one dares to associate with untalented individuals. We all like people with the innate ability to do things. Among the large number of artists very few have a talent for music. All we see are jobless youths trying to earn their living from music, singing whack, noisy and foolish songs. An upcoming artist who isn’t talented would remain one forever.

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2- Zero Uniqueness

Aside from being talented, many upcoming artists would never blow because they exhibit what I call ” zero uniqueness” . What I mean in essence is, upcoming artists are copy cats, doing what establish artists have done or are doing. As an upcoming artist you may be talented but if you are not unique in your own way of music, becoming a star would be like a folktale or better still a fairy tale, very unrealistic.
Have you pondered? What is behind the love shown to Runtown’s “Mad Over You” or John Legend’s “All of Me” or better Grammy awards winner Adele’s “Hello”? These are songs which are totally different from the normal. They are completely different from what we hear everyday. They are classical tunes, artistically unique borne out of a wealth of the artists uniqueness. For an upcoming artist to rise to stardom being unique must be his or her priority, being exceptional must be his/her major goal. Singing songs in patterns and styles no one has is the ultimate in the music industry but home and abroad.

3- Lyrical Content

This is the main reason for this write-up. A large number of upcoming artists find it hard to put down good and sensible lyrics. Their songs are always childish with useless wordings. An artist who can not sing a song with good lyrical content, is that one an artist? Come to think of it, how do you expect people to sing and play your songs when your lyrics suck? How do you expect sponsors and labels to come when your lyrics are nothing to write home about? How do you expect radio and TV stations to play your song when the lyrics are considered vulgar and unfit for listeners and viewers? How do you expect to sell when your lyrics are laced with obscure words and depict a high level of moral decadence? The world today appreciate songs that lifts the soul and for the record the instrumentals of a song doesn’t do that, it is the lyrics of the song that do such. Lyrics have a say over how far your songs go, how well your songs sell and how much respect people accord you. Take for example the Next rated award at Headies in 2015, Reekado Banks won even when everyone believed Lil-Kesh would. Comparing the songs of the duo you would see that Reekado Banks had songs which extremely nice lyrics while Lil-Kesh songs were filled with vulgar and obscure words. Reekado gave the whole world what they wanted(good lyrics) whereas Kesh gave the partyhall what they wanted(good instrumentals). Which paid off well, off course good lyrics.

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If you must succeed in the entertainment industry you must give the whole wide world what it wants and not just the dance hall only. Enrich your songs with good lyrical contents.

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