Reason why Leicester is facing Relegation Threats

Winning the EPL last season was the greatest upset in sporting history or better still the best football fairy tale.

Leicester won the football league in the 2013/2014 season which signalled a move to top flight English football for them. They won the 2015/2016 EPL, their first-top level football championship under manager Claudio Ranieri. Well, It seems the good luck charm they had last season has expired as the EPL Champions currently facing relegation.

The question is laid out, Why are they facing relegation after lifting the championship last season?.

Answers are based on two factors, The leadership and the followers.

Claudio Ranieri as the head coach failed to bring in new hands on deck. Leicester did not record any major signing this season.

Ranieri forgot that Leceister won the league when the big boys such as Chelsea Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and arsenal were facing problems which involved personnel and leadership. Man Utd although not doing pretty well had a 60% team reshuffling. No doubt it is paying off unlike their last season’s run.


Leicester players believed EPL was a piece of cake considering their victory last season but forgot that they were not qualified to play in EPL for over decade. Leicester are were they are no doubt because of these reasons.

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What they need simply is a team reshuffling and strengthening. More experienced hands should be on deck else, Leicester might lose the opportunity of playing in the EPL and who knows their return may take longer than their previous return

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