Why We Must Not Allow Children to Watch Big Brother Naija

Big brother naija is a reality TV show which features contestants living in a house all trying to clinch the coveted price of 25million naira and a SUV.

Viewers vote for their favourite contestant and there is only one winner.

BBnaija has sparked up a lot of mixed feelings with various groups calling for an end to its broadcast in Nigeria saying it is immoral and tarnishes the image of the country to the international community while so many especially youths and teenagers want more of it.

No doubt the activities of BBnaija contestants are immoral and not suitable for kids and persons under 18.

BazeStop has gathered three reasons why children should not watch BBnaija

1. Housemates kiss a lot

The BBnaija housemates kiss a lot. It is either Bisola and TTT or Bisola and Bally. Efe and marvis are also not left out. Housemates seize every opportunity they get to kiss each other. Despite the fact that TTT is married he still kisses Bisola on national TV

2. Mode of dressing by female contestants.

The way the ladies in the BBnaija house dress is totally indecent. They were very tight body exposing clothing. Little wonder why kemen sexually harrased Tboss. He must have seen too much of her body without having the chance to touch. Kids must not be allowed to see such.

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3. Intake of alcohol

The official drink in the BBnaija house is Legend beer. Everyone in the house takes the alcohol. It is completely absurd, alcohol definitely isn’t good for the body but the BBnaija house matestake it light water.

No doubt with these reasons in mind the broadcast of BBnaija should be stopped.

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