[Music] DynamiQ – Stream Of Success Ft VBurst

#STREAM OF SUCCESS The song talks about struggles before success came, success here is not only about the material things you can gain or see but moving an inch towards your goal,helping people succeed,developing your talents towards positivity are all bonafide examples of success. They came in Streams A Qlass.

Name: Mgbachi Kingsley Nnamdi, professionally known as DynamiQ, 20 years of age,started rapping at the age of 15 to his then college friends, he lost no time in getting involved in the Awka hip-hop scene and was noted for his sleek delivery and deep bars, He is inspired by the works of 2pac, Nas, Lamar and locally Modenine, MI, Eva, he is currently working on his EP Alien To MedioQrity.

Facebook:Mgbachi Kingsley Nnamdi. Twitter:@DynamiQ9ja

Download Song Here:

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