Gaining Relevance In The Entertainment Industry

In the entertainment industry, gaining relevance or being reckoned with has become a much viewed status.
Gaining relevance is not just a status quo that is based on one being talented or having strong connections. It is far more than that. It has to do with understanding every gimmick of the game and applying them positively.

As a newbie and even as an established personality in the entertainment industry, it is of very paramount importance and of great necessity to be relevant as the number of people in the industry makes it more difficult for one to be a king for so long.

Here I have outlined four tips to help you gain relevance, to help you find gold in the industry and to help you attain a state of supremacy.

1. Master The Art
Talent doesn’t do all the magic for you in the entertainment industry, Mastery of the art does.
Being talented is good and has an advantage but understanding the art and a mastery of it gives you an upper hand amongst colleagues. Endeavour to know everything that goes on, try as much as possible to be current and be aware of latest trends and activities. Always seek for newer ways to go about the art.

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2. Discover Your Purpose & Vision
You would simply be running in cycles and making little or virtually no progress until you discover your purpose and vision.
Without purpose and a vision you are nothing but a plane without a pilot.
Not everyone goes into the industry to sing. There are other fields wherein one can perform well in.

3. Put in Work – Diligence
Your vision, purpose, talent and skills would be a waste until you put them all to work.  Apply diligence to whatsoever you are doing. Only hardworking people rule the world.  The persons who would succeed are those people who say No to Laziness and put in every strength they’ve got to make sure they actualize their goals.

4. Believe in the supernatural
Believe your Creator and you would prosper in every aspect of your endeavour. After applying diligence, discovering your purpose and vision and mastering your art just believe in the supernatural, believe God.
Exercise your belied system

   Written by Brodrick Emmanuel

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