Education: Reading And Understanding Technique


   Many youngsters find it hard to read and understand.

It is gradually becoming a trend, the use of exhibit in exam halls.

Today I’d like to share some cogent tips on reading and understanding even as Jamb and Other exams are about to start.

Now the question on everyone’s lips is “How do I read and understand”

Let me answer this in five points

1. Decide on what to read, where to read and how to read. 

2. Discipline yourself to read qualitatively

3. Determine to be focused-Do away with distractions.

4. Apply Diligence.

5. Read purposefully

Applying this aforementioned tips would go a long way in helping you defeat the claims of not been able to read and understand.

Now, there are some techniques to reading and understanding.

Reading and applying this techniques would help you a lot.

Techniques For Reading and Understanding.

1. Memos: Write down memos of long passages.. Create shorter versions of whatever you are reading.

2. Association: Always make sure you link what you are reading to what you have read before.

3. Assimilation: Make yourself part of the piece you are reading… Live in what you read.

4. Application: Bring all you have read into real-life. Make what you read part and parcel of your daily life.

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5. Adopt SQ3R: This is a fiery weapon to reading and understanding. SQ3R is an acronym which is herein stated as


Q- Questions




Maybe you have applied all of these techniques and methods before and you still don’t read and understand then you have allowed peculiar distractions to reading and understanding.

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Peculiar Distractions to Reading and Understanding.

1. Do not read under pressure.

2. Reading when exams are near

3. Reading without appying apt concentration.

4. Reading in the wrong place.

5. Reading and listening to music.

6. Reading while lying down.

7. Reading without reading aids such as Jotters, dictionaries e.t.c

8. Reading for a short period of time.

9. Reading with NFA’s

10. Poor feeding habits.

11. Bad sleeping habits.

12. Intake of Hard drugs, cigarette, alcohol.

Avoid these distractions and applying those principles and methods and reading would be an enjoyable exercise for you.

By Brodrick Emmanuel​

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