5 Best SoundCloud Downloader Applications for Android

One of the greatest music sharing websites is SoundCloud. It is enjoyed by a lot of users around the world. Furthermore, a lot of people are looking for SoundCloud downloader applications to download the music offline for satisfaction. This article will show you the 5 best SoundCloud downloader app. These apps would offer a lot of help when you want to download sounds from SoundCloud to your smartphone.

This post would help users in getting the best and easy to use music apps for Android. Some of these apps are free to download and use so that you could try it without spending money. Now, continue reading to know more about the applications.

  • KeepVid Android

This application is a useful SoundCloud downloader software for Android phones. The app lets you to easily download audio tracks from SoundCloud. KeepVid Android app offers very quick speed in downloading and it lets users to download tracks from SoundCloud with top quality around 322Kbps. You are allowed to download audio tracks from SoundCloud to your smartphone in only one tap with the help of this application. Also, you could get the job completed with this app if you want to download videos from other video sharing websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

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  • My Cloud Player for Android

You may consider at first that this is a music player. However, you would find the download selection in the app. You could easily get the sound from SoundCloud with the help of My Cloud Player. Also, this app is known to be one of the greatest in the Play Store. Plus, it is free.

  • Sound Hound Music Search

The app is created by the Sound Hound Incorporated. The software lets you get the job completed without exerting a lot of effort. Sound Hound Music Search has an interface that is user-friendly and it regularly updates to ensure that you could easily download songs from SoundCloud.

  • Hound Beta Voice Search

Thanks to its powerful features, this is known to be one of the greatest applications for downloading music from SoundCloud. You could download songs from SoundCloud using this amazing app without any exerting any effort. You could save the music on your Android smartphone so you could enjoy music anytime and anywhere. The app must be taken with a grain of salt if you are looking for the iOS version of this app since it is still in its Beta phase.

  • Player Pro Music

Downloading songs from SoundCloud is simple with this application. It is one of the greatest Android SoundCloud downloading software. Player Pro Music allows you to finish the task within minutes. It would ensure that you get the song in HQ. Also, the app helps you to easily get the song from other music sharing websites.

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  • iMusic

This app is one of the fieriest applications of the season. iMusic converts and downloads song quickly to formats that could be playable easily on Apple and Android smartphones. The app doesn’t even need you to look for the URL and then utilize that to download the song. You could simply use the built-in browser and download the song with just one tap.

  • Soundloader for SoundCloud

Soundloader is a state of the art application that was created by Gruebel Technology. It allows you to download music from SoundCloud. All you need to do is copy the URL of the music from the official site of SoundCloud and paste it into the application. It has a user-friendly interface and works at high-speed.


Downloading songs from SoundCloud is turning into a more common subject among music fans. Amongst all the apps listed above, KeepVid Music could be identified as the best of all the app. It’s utilized for downloading songs and it maintains the quality of the audio. KeepVid Music also provides a recording aspect that could help you record any song played on your PC. Also, it could help you download songs from SoundCloud without exerting any effort. If you don’t know how to use the app, there are a lot of sites that give instructions on how to use it.

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Guest Post By: Eline Van editor of DigitalConnectMag.com

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