10 Locations Where Nigerian’s Likes To Take Pictures


We all love pictures especially if we are looking good in it. People who are photogenic are frontliners in this trend, when most people do not look good they still love to pose for camera.

We can’t dispute the fact that Nigerian’s like showing off at the slightest opportunity in a bid to keeping up the photo trend on social media.

Getting comments and likes on social media from fans is another reason people love to take pictures at certain locations.

Bazestop has compile a list of 10 locations Nigerians find pleasant to take pictures.

1. Hotel

Hotels have become the No. 1 spot for people to take pictures on a bid to showcasing false posh rooms. Pictures are taken in the hotel lounge , poolside, rooms and even toilet. Are they trying to tell us that they live there?

2. Passenger Seat

Many love taking pictures in the car, posing behind the wheels even thought they cannot drive. They do this anytime they have the opportunity to seat in a car that is neat and ell polished. Whether the car the car belongs to them or not is out of question(who really cares). car na car

3. Toilet

This is a spot for ladies to flaunt their unclad bodies. selfies trend in this zone and its shocking to know that ladies deliberately use the rest rooms because they want to take pictures. Toilets that are beautiful and tiled are well-loved by Nigerian girls.

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4. Shopping Mall

I think mall owners should start charging people for using their mall as background in their photo. Some people do go to mall not to shop but only to take photo. Places like Blue Mart in Minna are one of such places.

5. Restaurant/Bar

This is so common among our youths. They want you to see where they hangout so they bring out their selfie stick whenever they check in a nice restaurant or bar. They usually upload photo of their self in beautiful restaurant or bar.

6. Beach

As we all know, the beach is a place where we go to catch fun. It is not complete if pictures are not take. Beaches pose a perfect location for loved up photos usually the perfect spot for lovebirds.

Nonetheless, ladies also use it as a platform to show their body curves and large bosoms.

7. Car Park

It is really laughable seeing Nigerians taking pictures of themselves in car parks or lots when they are not car dealers. Who are they fooling by the way?. Posing with fleet of cars show in background makes them feel good for some unknown reason sha.

8. Abroad/Airport

This definitely is one platform that nobody who gets the opportune to go-to would allow to pass without taking pictures.

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Either to flaunt or for memories sake, taking pictures abroad or in airports is just a normal thing to do.

9. In Front Gate

It has become a trend in Nigeria, using people’s gate as background in their photo. Who are they fooling?

10. Feel Free To Add Yours…


Written By: Maje Furious

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  • June 10, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Lol…even in toilets? Nigeria won’t kill person.


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