10 Dating Mistakes That Has Made You Single All This While For Guys

Guys, Here Are 10 Dating Mistakes That Has Made You Single All This While

A lot of guys go about asking why they are still single. Well, the answer is in the final details: You have a wrong approach to dating.

Here are all the mistakes you’re making that has made you single all this while.

1. Not Having A Dating Plan:
Dating is a full-time job. And like any good thing you want to dedicate your time too, you have to make a plan. Don’t just go about hoping a great lady will appear from the blue with the breeze floating her hair in slow motion like the movies. Please, be serious and make a plan.

2. Punching Above Your Weight:
Yes, you can do anything you put your mind to but that goes far as a motivational message. You can’t be worth what Ghana’s richest man Charles Ampofo is worth overnight if you put your mind to it.

Same way be realistic with the kind of lady you approach. Sorry if you’re offended.

3. Waiting For Her To Make The First Move:
Ladies are shy to make a move but will definitely show signs in certain ways. Notice it and make the move!

4. Being Stingy On First Dates:
Please show that you’re a boss with her wishes on a first date.

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5. Talking Too Much About Yourself:
Ladies want to know about guys but also want to be listened to. Do go about ranting without even giving her a chance to open her mouth.

6. Overthinking Stuff:
The fact that she said she was on a call with another guy when you called doesn’t mean she is dating him. Same way, the face that she’s been respectful to you doesn’t mean you’re number one in her life. Stop overthinking stuff.

7. Assuming:
Assumptions can ruin you before you even get started. Don’t assume, just ask!

8. Making Every Decision For Her:
She has rights and likes too. Make her make some decisions too. You’re not her father. Ladies even hate that aspect of fathers, how much more you.

9. Asking Silly And Cheesy Questions
Things like:

So why is a beautiful lady like you still single?

This is a no no!!!

10. Acting Like You Don’t Care:
Guys, you know you cared enough before even making an approach. Stop acting like you don’t care. You’re not deceiving anybody because it’s public knowledge you do. Act like it to impress her.

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